P&O Aurora 55 Night Caribbean Cruise 3rd January 2023

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P&O Aurora 3rd January 2023

Join the Aurora in Southampton on this Classic 55 night Magical Caribbean Cruise with ports of call at some of the most exotic destinations you could ever dream of.


DEPARTURE TIME Board your ship between 12 noon and 3 p.m.
Full Board
55 Night Cruise Entertainment
Shore Excursions
On Board Gratuity


PO Aurora

This beautiful and elegant ship is one of the largest in the P&O fleet and has all the hallmarks of conventional cruising with lots of exciting modern additions. If your looking for a romantic cruise holiday you will appreciate The Retreat, a no children private spa terrace with secluded cabanas and moonlit treatments. With her superb facilities and activities, including four fantastic kids’ clubs, make her a popular choice for families. Single passengers can benefit from special cabins with no supplements incurred. The exclusive dining options on board are sure to impress, as is the delightfully chic central atrium with enticing shops, art gallery and library.

Facilities on board


  • Two main formal restaurants, specialty Indian Restaurant and wine bar, several casual eateries.
  • Four pools, including one for children
  • Luxurious adult Retreat.
  • Two-tier main theater, show lounges and live entertainment bars.
  • Three dance lounges.
  • Outdoor cinema screen
  • Tonnage 115,000
  • Passenger capacity  3,096
  • Total Crew 1,239
  • Total Cabins 1,557
  • Decks 14


Day 1:Southampton (UK) Embark your ship P&O Azura
Day 2: At Sea
Day 3: At sea
Day 5: Tenerife

The largest and certainly the most popular of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is home to Mount Teide, the tallest peak in Spain. The volcanic rock formations and tropical forest, beautiful beaches and dramatic landscape are all worth a visit, with a varied selection of nightlife to suit all tastes.

Day 6: At Sea
Day 7: At sea
Day 8: St. Vincent

St. Vincent is a quiet picturesque island blanketed in green forest and stunning landscape. Visit the small volcano in the centre of the island for panoramic views of the countryside, cascading waterfalls and brightly coloured coral reefs. Visit the Falls of Baleine, so remote it can only be reached by boat. The paths of Montreal Gardens can be walked by tourists or take a drive to the lush banana groves and rain forests of the hilly Mesopotamia region. St Vincent also offers cultural heritage from 19th century forts to ancient petroglyphs created into the cliff rocks.

Day 9: At Sea
Day 10: At Sea
Day 11: At Sea
Day 12: At Sea
Day 13: Macapa

Macapa lies along the equator on the north-eastern coast of Brazil, below French Guiana. It can only be reached by air or sea (as there are no highways) and marks the point of entry into the Amazon River and onto Ammonia. Macapa is a stopping off point for migrating birds which join the local flamingos, toucans, ibises, sea and river turtles, giant alligators, manatees, ant eaters and armadillos. Sites to see include the Sao Jose fortress, Casa do Artesao (indigenous arts), Spa Araxa and the obelisk sun dial monument which marks the equator.

Day 14: At Sea
Day 15: Manaus

Manaus lies at the heart of the Amazon and is one of the most isolated metropolitan areas on Earth. Located at the intersection of the Rio Negro and Amazon rivers, it is the hub for tourism, with plenty of jungle lodges and river cruises. The town begins at the river’s edge and extends outward and upward in a melange of curving streets, crowded residential areas, bustling markets and office buildings. If you are looking for more than trekking the tropical rain-forests, you can also find the Manaus Botanical Gardens (your window into Amazonian plant life), fishing trips, or the February Carnival celebrations.

Day 16: Manaus
Day 17: Parintins

The small village of Parintins is dotted with small houses, makeshift homes and hospitable, warm locals. Colorful boats line the floating markets, offering local hand crafted souvenirs as does the local flea market. The town houses interesting buildings including the brightly painted Cathedral.

Day 18: Santarem

Santarem is a lively bustling city formed by vast green plains which stretch to the horizon. The city is home to historical buildings such as City Hall, the Santa Clara Convent or Portas do Sol, a castle overlooking Santarem hidden behind medieval walls. Other attractions include traditional bull fights and the vibrant bustling city market.

Day 19: Macapa
Day 20: Devil’s Island (French Guiana)

Devil’s Island is part of the Îles du Salut group off the coast of French Guiana. Its lush landscape of coconut palms and clear waters hides its intriguing past as a French penal colony. Explore the fascinating remnants of the historical penitentiary, where Captain Alfred Dreyfuss was once famously held as a political prisoner.

Day 21: At sea
Day 22: Trinidad

The island’s unspoiled beauty is breathtaking. The island is covered in verdant green, and the seas are azure blue, combining beautifully with the cobblestone streets and colonial courtyards of the town. Trinidad has a mixed cosmopolitan society, and offers a diverse and delicious range of traditional food.

Day 23: Barbados

Barbados has a, vibrant culture and hospitable wit locals making it a dream location to visit. The coastline offers stunning white sandy beaches, translucent water, and endless water sports and activities. A walk into the city will take you to many shops, selling everything from designer clothes to their famous rum. For those wanting to explore Barbados further, take an island safari – a great way to travel across this beautiful island and learn about the history, culture and folklore.

Day 24: St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a stunning island dressed in mountains, lush tropical foliage, beautiful rain-forests and sandy white beaches. To appreciate the islands natural beauty, you must visit some of the unique attractions. Visit the world’s only drive in volcano, getting up close with multi coloured sulphur pools. Take a trip to the Diamond botanical gardens filled with tropical plants and flowers, trek through the rain-forest to discover some of the islands hidden waterfall’s and snorkel to the sunken wreck and explore the ocean bed alive with marine life and underwater beauty.

Day 25: At Sea
Day 26: Antigua

Antigua is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and sparkling clear water. This island really is a taste of paradise. From snorkeling in the clear waters among untouched coral reefs to finding out about the history of the island, Antigua offers something for everyone. Trips include sailing around the beautiful harbour, horse riding treks to zip wiring through the lush rain-forest.

Day 27: Tortola

This is where you will discover the ‘undiscovered’ Caribbean. The unspoiled British Virgin island of Tortola. Less than a five minutes’ walk from the tender drop-off at Wickhams Quay you will find Main Street, home to a vibrant crafts market not to mention some of the loveliest and least crowded beaches in the Caribbean.

Day 28: At Sea
Day 29: Grand Turk

Grand Turk and its spectacular waters of are home to a reef pitted with arches, turrets, and tunnels called the Grand Turk Wall. The reef is a haven for both fish and divers alike. For those who enjoy white sandy beaches Grand Turk is fringed with them, lying as it does at the southeaster end of the Bahamian archipelago.

Day 30: At Sea
Day 31: Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman. The spectacular Grand Cayman Islands are a lively mix of cosmopolitan charm. Visit the famous Seven Mile Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, send a postcard from ‘Hell’, or dip into the North Sound and visit Stingray City, where visitors have the rare opportunity to pet a few hundred friendly stingrays. With its fantastic restaurants, beaches or its majestic underwater sights of the surrounding reefs, it’s hard not to find something for everyone.

Day 32: Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is a stunning island surrounded by white sandy beaches, turquoise waters set on a backdrop of rainforest and tropical foliage. Visit the Dunn’s River Falls, land of rivers, for an unforgettable waterfall experience. Mystic Mountain offers abseiling, bob sleighing in the forest tops, beautiful nature reserves and spectacular views.

Day 33: At Sea
Day 34: Cartagena

Cartagena is a city of contrasts between the old and new, between poverty and wealth, between legend and reality. The 17th century walled Old Town, and fortress are stunning World Heritage Sites, offering an insight into the old legends of this city. The colourful restored Spanish buildings line the streets of Old Town, with areas of immense poverty and round the corner, areas of extreme wealth. This city is one that will surprise and sadden you, intrigue and amaze you.

Day 35: Colon

Colon is the Caribbean entrance to the Panama, where you can marvel on the engineering feats of the Gatun locks, or take a relaxing dip in the unspoiled Gatun Lake. In nearby Portobello you can discover the ruins of the Spanish forts, watch the colourful yachts sailing in the bay or hunt for treasures in the local markets.

Day 36: Limon

Limon has clear blue waters, white sand and shady palm trees. The rest of the island is covered with banana plantations and dense rain-forest and has some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet. You can find affordable and tasty food at the colourful central market.

Day 37: At Sea
Day 38: Roatan

Surrounded by a living reef, RoatĂĄn is a paradise for snorkelers and divers. Its soft white sand and bright blue waters are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The island also boasts an iguana farm, a kayak tour, a dolphin show, a butterfly garden, and plenty of caves and winding dirt roads to explore.

Day 39: Belize City

Belize is on the north eastern coast of Central America. It is the region’s last unspoiled marine and rain-forest environment offering some of the most exciting adventure travel. Attractions vary from the Mayan Altun Ha Ruins, to The Caves of Branch River, or snorkeling and diving at the spectacular Glover’s Reef.

Day 40: Costa Maya

Costa Maya is on the Mexican Caribbean this can be your gateway to southern Quintana Roo’s little known Mayan ruins & beaches. Mahahual is the main town on the Costa Maya and it has soft sand beaches, grass thatched palapas, and a stunningly beautiful coral reef, all perfect for watching the world go by.

Day 41: Cozumel

Cozumel is the world’s most popular cruise port and San Miguel is its main town, on the west side is a diving mecca and it has an amazing natural pool which is linked by an underground tunnel to the sea in which dolphins come and go freely. On the east side you have the Mayan archaeological site “El Caracol” temple, believed to have been used as a lighthouse by the Mayans.

Day 42: At Sea
Day 43: Freeport

Freeport is on Grand Bahama Island, only a few miles from port. Relax on Barbary Beach’s brilliant white sands and gaze into its turquoise waters. Swim with dolphins or go bottom fishing for snapper and trigger fish. The Western Heritage tour includes Mermaid Pond, Pinder’s Point Lighthouse, Hawksbill Creek, Boiling Hole, Holmes Rock, Josey’s Cave, and Fern Gully.

Day 44: At Sea
Day 45: At Sea
Day 46: Bermuda
In Bermuda you can laze on pink sand beaches, take in the pastel-coloured houses and the famous Bermuda shorts. Stroll through the gardens filled with tropical blooms, shop in the King’s Wharf or stop for afternoon tea and cricket – a true island tradition. You could even try your hand at landing the famous blue marlin on a deep-sea fishing trip.
Day 47: Bermuda
Day 48: At Sea
Day 49: At Sea
Day 50: At Sea
Day 51: At Sea
Day 52: Praia da Vitoria

One of the most modern towns in the Azores with pristine beaches and a coastline full of coves and coral reefs. The city has first class shopping and a thriving music scene. Explore the historic old quarter of the city and particularly the impressive Igreja Matriz de Santa Cruz with its two imposing bell towers and founded in the 15th century but only consecrated in 1516.

Day 53: At Sea
Day 54: At Sea
Day 55: At Sea
Day 56: Southampton (UK)

Disembark your ship – P&O Aurora


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