Top Tour Destination of 2022/19


As always, the most popular cruises for British passengers tend to be those leaving from British ports. The Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Baltic’s heading up the list along with World cruises and sectors of world cruises for those who cannot be away for two or three months at a time. For those seeking more distant destinations Fly – Cruise holidays to the Caribbean, Australasia, North America and the South Pacific are all extremely popular.


Taylor made cruises, that is to say a cruise, flights and hotel accommodation along with shore excursions specially designed to cater to your exact requirements are becoming increasingly in demand from seasoned travelers who know exactly what they want from their holiday. These types of holidays obviously tend to be more expensive and can often include luxury hotel stays and fabulous and exciting shore excursions which can include things like Big Game walks, Safaris, river tours on the Zambezi or the Amazon and any number of bespoke designed tours to fit every need. Hence the name “Taylor Made.

Amazon River Tour

If your planning your first cruise, then perhaps look for a 7 to 10 day cruise somewhere close to home like the Mediterranean and there are literally hundreds to choose from offering a wide choice of ports of call and at a wide range of prices ranging from budget to luxury. One point to remember is that by booking on a British Line such as P&O the on board currency is pounds sterling so no exchange rate worries with the pound being so weak this summer.

Zambezi River Safari


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